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Returning the Gift

We would like to give back to Mother Nature what we received from her.

By working with psilocybin, people can experience and remember the inseparable connection with (their) nature.


That way we can give back.

By being of service to collective remembering.
Because all we have to do when we don't know anymore, is become silent and listen.

Our Pledge

We are deeply committed to rekindling and honoring native European traditions, particularly in the realms of ritual and plant medicine. Our approach is rooted in a profound respect for the ancestral wisdom of European cultures and a recognition of the intrinsic connection between humans and the natural world.

Reviving European ritual practices that celebrate the cycles of nature, honor the spirits of the land, and foster community connection are one of the focuses we build upon.


Drawing inspiration from ancient traditions, we create ceremonial spaces that are imbued with reverence, intention, and sacredness.


Through rituals such as seasonal celebrations, ancestral rites, and earth medicine ceremonies, we seek to reawaken the soulful connection between humans, nature, and the divine within.

We view our work as part of a broader movement to reclaim and celebrate the rich tapestry of our own cultural inheritance.


By honoring and preserving native traditions in ritual and natures medicine, we hope to inspire others to reconnect with their ancestral roots, cultivate a deeper relationship with the natural world, and embark on their own journeys of healing, transformation and remembering.

Press play,
relax & 

Join us on short a journey of introspection and connection, evoking the timeless ritual of gathering around a sacred fire.

As Ram Dass's soul-stirring words weave through the intricate melodies and pulsating rhythms, a sense of warmth, unity, and profound presence emerges.

An experience that resonates deeply with the soul,
inviting listeners to pause, reflect..
And rediscover the power of communal wisdom and inner peace.

While you listen,
you can choose to close your eyes and afterwards we'd like to invite you to read on.
And step into the Vision of Nanacatl Healing.

The Vision

Imagine a scene where people gather around a crackling fire, its warm glow casting dancing shadows upon the faces of those gathered.

In this sacred circle, each person is invited to share their stories, experiences, and wisdom, while others listen with open hearts and minds. 

As we sit together, surrounded by the flickering flames, we are reminded of our interconnectedness with each other and with the natural world.

We remember the ancient rhythms of the earth, the cycles of the seasons, and the timeless wisdom encoded in the land.

In this shared space of reverence and respect, we come to know our "heart song" – the unique essence of our being, expressed through our words, our actions, and our presence.

In essence, our vision is to share a sanctuary where individuals can come home to themselves, connect with their roots, and find solace and inspiration in the timeless traditions of our collective inheritance.

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