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my name is Nina Badoux and I founded Nanacatl Healing about six years ago..

Meet our dedicated team

Froukje van der Velde profiel foto team

Froukje van der Velde

She is a cultural anthropologist and voice coach. During the work with Nanacatl Healing she provides a strong pillar as a musician, tobaquera and firekeeper; working with the sacred plant of tobacco and guiding the burn ritual. With roots in the Netherlands and extended education through family with the Umbanda Daime in Brazil, she contributes a unique combination of fuerza and an angelic voice.

Floor Nagler Profiel team

Floor Nagler

Our resident body work practitioner with a sensitivity to the subtler energies of the body. For her work as a guide with Nanacatl Healing she draws from her work as a professional Grinberg practitioner and Energetic Bodyworker. The Grinberg Method® teaches a structured way of learning through the body. It emphasizes that an essential key to any change or achievement is the willingness and ability to stop the habits that would otherwise limit us, such as our reaction to fear, pain, and unwanted feelings. It offers the development of a new approach to dealing with these obstacles. Ultimately, the Grinberg Method® teaches you how to exercise your personal freedom by choosing who and how to be within any situation.

Nina en Elena

Elena Tierra

Elena is a ceremonial, ritual performing musician that has been on a journey of emerging in the mystics of this life. She expresses it through the multitude of her voice and embodied raw and primal feminine essence. Her musical journey of exploration and different teachings from traveling the world has brought her to a healing path. It feels very much like a soul invocation where it allows her to travel far and deep within, to find true authentic expression in matter through singing and playing.

Annabel Laura profiel foto

Annabel Laura

She writes and sings songs, fueled by nature and has been a foundational part of the initiation of Nanacatl Healing and it's musical development. Annabel Laura is an independent musician, artist and yoga teacher based in the Netherlands. Living life with many passions, she translates her inspirations into music, drawings, paintings and guided movement and meditation. She travels around the world with a healthy jungle fever, inspired by nature and pursuing a sustainable lifestyle, playing music everywhere she goes. Weaving webs of inspiration, where art and music go hand in hand with the natural world and silence. She has a second base in Bali and travels often to the land of her ancestors Indonesia to tour and get inspired.

Ted badoux profiel foto team

Ted Badoux

As a dedicated advisor, mentor and member of the board, Ted contributes to the subsatainable developmental growth of Nanacatl Healing.

Our Pledge

We are deeply committed to rekindling and honoring native European traditions, particularly in the realms of ritual and plant medicine. Our approach is rooted in a profound respect for the ancestral wisdom of European cultures and a recognition of the intrinsic connection between humans and the natural world.

Reviving European ritual practices that celebrate the cycles of nature, honor the spirits of the land, and foster community connection are one of the focuses we build upon.


Drawing inspiration from ancient traditions, we create ceremonial spaces that are imbued with reverence, intention, and sacredness.


Through rituals such as seasonal celebrations, ancestral rites, and earth medicine ceremonies, we seek to reawaken the soulful connection between humans, nature, and the divine within.

We view our work as part of a broader movement to reclaim and celebrate the rich tapestry of our own cultural inheritance.


By honoring and preserving native traditions in ritual and natures medicine, we hope to inspire others to reconnect with their ancestral roots, cultivate a deeper relationship with the natural world, and embark on their own journeys of healing, transformation and remembering.

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