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my name is Nina Badoux and I founded Nanacatl Healing about six years ago..

I am your main guide during the group ceremonies and private sessions.
Facilitating the calls, helping you prep and integrate.
Answering all your emails, I will be your main source of contact. 

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Taking care of all life

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How it all started

Since the age of 15, I started my journey with the medicine of the Mushroom. Growing up in Amsterdam gave me the safe and legal setting to explore the realm of this earth medicine. 

So far, I've safely guided 300+ groups through a high dose of psilocybin. 

Because of my holistic upbringing the programs that I offer have a similar approach. 

Looking at the root cause instead of treating the symptom. 

I work with different tools like Ritual, Reiki, Somatic Memory Activation and Sound Healing. 

I grew up learning about all sorts of different religions and cultural traditions.

None ever presented as one truth, but more as wisdoms from different parts of the world.

My dad tended to our garden creating it so, much had some form of bloom all year ‘round.

Seeing the flowers from the golden rain covering the ground in vibrant yellow, and the soft velvet of the dark red roses hanging on the rose bush, almost collapsing under its own abundance.

It engrained in me an appreciation for nature and tending to it with a sacredness.

My personal reason for doing this work is because I hope that people can rediscover who they are. 

That they are nature.

And because of that memory they may take different actions in daily life.

Actions that can contribute to the preservation of our ecosystem.

And let Mother Earth be the paradise that she is.


To keep it habitable for all our brothers and sisters.

Animal, Plant, Fungi, Human, all the seen and unseen life that has their home here besides us.

Friends & Mentors

I find support in the words of kind teachers like Ram Dass and Pema Chodron.

But even more so from my own father, my dear friend. 

He is a trusted advisor and a true compass to support the healthy foundation of Nanacatl Healing.

Next to working as a psilocybin guide, I am  a certified Death Doula and when asked to,

I assist with these final steps of life. In this light I also teach a private workshop around the theme of Death & Dying.

If this is something you or a loved one could be interested in, you are very welcome to contact me. 

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to  write me a note through the message button in the right corner of your screen.

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