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Invite a quiet mind into your daily life

On a subliminal level a microdosing protocol can help you bring focus on what you need. 

It can be a beautiful way to help you integrate your sacred psilocybin ceremony and keep the gifts you received in your minds eye. 

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Nanacatl Healing Golden Teachings Microdosis

Our Golden Teachings microdosing capsules

1 re-usable glass bottle containing 30 vegan capsules

Active Ingredientes
Lions Mane

How  To Use

Take 1 capsule everyday after breakfast for a consecutive period of 5 days, followed by a 2 day break. So 5 days yes, 2 days no.

Continuing this pattern for 6 weeks

Can be beneficial for

Improved focus 

Creativity enhancement


Reduced anxiety


If your interested in placing in order please write us a note in our chat!

Microdosing Protocols

Fadiman or Stamets?

A couple of experts have formulated their own protocols to help folks avoid tolerance build up when microdosing mushrooms and other types of psychedelics. 

The Stamets Protocol

Mushroom expert, Paul Stamets, also has developed his own protocol specifically for microdosing Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms. 

5 days Microdose 
2 days Pauze

This is the one that I normally advise my clients. 

He also recommends combining microdoses of psilocybin containing mushrooms with the supplements Niacin (a form of Vitamin B3) and Lion’s Mane (a non-psychedelic medicinal mushroom). Lion's Mane is one of 3 ingredients in our capsules.

The Fadiman Protocol

day 1 Microdose
day 2 Off day

when a lot of people still report positive effects
day 3 Off day
to get it totally out of your system
day 4 Microdose again

Whatever you decide to do,

it can really help to keep a journal that keeps track of your dose, other substance intake (including caffeine and alcohol), mood, sleep, energy levels and any sort of effects you feel from the microdose.


This can help you figure out your best protocol and dose and to decide if microdosing is the right tool for you.

Microdose Guru 

For extensive information on microdosing psilocybin, it's potential benefits, tips and science news,
I'd like te refer you to the website of Microdose Guru. Here you can read all you need to know and more about microdosing. 

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Nanacatl Healing Golden Teachings Microdosis
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