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Letting go of expectations

First things first
Psychedelics can be useful as a tool for gaining new insights and a fresh perspective. But psychedelics are not for everyone – and not at every moment.

We would like to share this ;

Healing requires conscious engagement, it's not something that will happen passively.


Psilocybin is not a magic pill.
You need to want to change things in your life. 
Healing is a very unique and personal experience.


And it's an ongoing process of continual learning and letting go. 

How to work with it?

In a professionally guided, safe and legal setting it will be easier to surrender and embrace whatever arises. This approach can be a crucial factor during your psilocybin journey and our team is fully skilled to support you during this process where needed.

Throughout your Nanacatl Healing preparation homework you will be taught all the essentials.

We can allow our brain to access it's untapped potential

Under the influence of psilocybin the brain creates a feedback loop of neuron activity and neurotransmitter release (the chemical messengers that neurons use to communicate).

It allows neurons to work through connections that it normally doesn't use. The brain becomes more flexible and unique. 

What do we offer

The work consists of ;

  • 1hr preparation video call 

  • Medical screener & Questionnaire 

  • Preparation homework 

  • Full day guided psilocybin session + live music 

  • Integration homework 

  • 1hr integration 
    video call 

What are your needs

You can choose to dive deep within a group setting or a 1:1 session.  


Both have their own benefits which I can explain during a commitment free consultation call. 

Book a call.

You can read more about booking a private session here


The 1:1 sessions take place in our private home practice in Amsterdam

The group ceremonies are facilitated at Sekoya in Schoorl, The Netherlands. This holistic wellness center is safely tucked away in nature, at the edge of a forest in the dunes. 


We accept a maximum of 10 participants ​for the group ceremonies. 

You can book your ticket here


And read more about our group ceremonies and the location here

Colorful graphic in green

What does the science say..

Psilocybin is the main psychoactive component of psychedelic mushrooms, also known as “shrooms” “psychedelic truffles” or “magic mushrooms.”  Since its scientific discovery in 1958, psilocybin has been used extensively in clinical research, with over 40,000 patients receiving this drug without serious adverse events. 

A final note...

Educate yourself

Read up on current research, recent testimonials from previous clients and consult various other sources to crosscheck the information you view as decisive. 

Take time for integration

Psychedelics are not a quick fix. Allow yourself ample time to find clarity before taking radical decisions. Your fresh insights may need some time to rest before ripening to clear ideas.

Preparation of

mind & body

At Nanacatl Healing we approach the work from an holistic perspective. This means mind and body are included in preparing you for your session. 

Enjoy the ride

Enter into your experience open and without expectations. Breathe.
Let go. Trust your own intuition. And remember, you are safe and this is temporary. Like everything in life;

This too shall pass.

Safety first

Entering the a state  of neuro plasticity induced by psychedelics can deconstruct your current framework.  Therefor it is very important you are fully open and honest about any existing physical or mental conditions, past or present. So we can assess the best course of action tailored to your needs. 


You can ask us anything by opening the chat in the lower right corner of your screen.

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