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  • Nina Badoux

While Nature may heal us, who is healing Nature?

Nature affects us, and we affect nature.


It can be liberating, inspiring, even transformational to walk outside, breathe deeply, and swing arms and legs in steady rythm. We can look down and pay attention to the small things like leaves, grass, flowers, mud and insects.

When we turn our attention upward and outwards we connect to the larger world - trees, lakes, mountains, clouds, the ocean, the weather, the sun, the moon and the stars - and reflect on our place in it.

We may venture into nature alone, relishing the silence, or with friends or loved ones, as we move into deeper conversation. Completely embodied and present in the moment.

The greens, browns and blues of nature soothe and restore us, often bringing new perspective and clarity of mind.

But while nature may heal us, who is healing nature?

Can we remember again, that our body is made of the earth. So to listen to our body is to listen to the earth.

What is good for my body, is good for the earth.

What is good for the earth is good for my body.

Are we ready to listen deeper and with more intent? Are we ready to hear the truth of the inconvenient words that might arise?


Maybe you too feel the urge to re-wild, to speak the language of nature once again. To see the birds fly over and know how to interpret their flight, their behaviour.

Can we in city life, maybe especially here, heal our relationship to nature on a daily basis?

This is what Nanacatl Healing is all about.

Write us in the chat if you have any questions or are interested to know more about re-wilding in city life and how working with psilocybin could assist you with this process.


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