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  • Nina Badoux

the Path - a poem by Rebecca Robinson

from the book Enchanted Grove, Woodland Poems to re-wild yourself

For us at Nanacatl Healing, in essence the work is all about re-wilding ourselves. Reconnecting to our natural nature selves. So in light of this today, we share a poem about The Path.

That you may find yourself and lose yourself all over again.

xoxo Nina


The Path

The Path meandered, twisted, turned,

a map long lost and never learned.

I sought a star to light my way

but the dark sky spun, refused to stay.

Trees closed in on gathering night,

feet caught rocks, roots out of sight.

Breath lingered, ghostly, in mid-air,

the path's run out - was it ever there?

The way ahead is all uphill,

and the forest tonight is eerily still.

Though my fears I can outlast

by going on with eyes downcast -

every stumble a seed, a steppingstone,

the electric hum of the mycelium says I'm not alone.

The path - if one truly exists - is never arrow-straight.

so with nowhere to arrive I never can be late.

No longer do I wish upon a star

or plant dreams out of reach, too far -

wherever I travel, wander, and flow,

if into the woods I will go,

I'm sure to find something hidden in the holy earth below.

In this secret, silent space, I pray -

sole to soil, never lost ever found

when we stand upon green sacred ground.



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