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  • Nina Badoux

A new path & the Tam Tam - March '24

First of all!

The new ceremony dates are online and available in our webshop

The rest of the data will gradually come online. So keep an eye on the website or your inbox.

You can already register for one of the upcoming ceremonies;


Dear friend,

I would like to ask for your support.

The contours of a new road slowly become visible.

A road leading to a house of Kindred Spirits.

A shelter in the storm. Full of village elders and a fire that is always burning.

Before this path can be taken and this house built, something else must be spoken and shared.

One of my first journeys with Grandmother Medicine taught me how powerful and healing it is to ask for help. To ask for a helping hand.

I learned from this that asking for help can be a great gift to the other person.

You say this; “I trust you with my vulnerability.”

“My naked truth, my fears, my little self.”

Asking for help melts of the masks. Even if the question cannot be answered, the movement alone can set a lot in motion. For both parties.

With this lesson in mind, I am now writing to you.

All 297 people who receive my letter. With the exception of a few, you have all experienced my work, our work, at least once. You have contributed and woven with us, the tapestry of the work that we are so happy to share.

I am now writing to you with a question that feels very urgent to me.

The transition from the Moonsfarm location to Sekoya is in full swing and has also made us disappear from the radar. In all openness; Unfortunately, I had to cancel this year's first planned ceremony due to a lack of registrations.

It is what it is, everything comes when it's supposed to, I trust the mysterious twists and turns of life.

And I also feel urgency.

When we come together in ceremony, our inseparable connection with nature becomes clear again. There is a message, steeped in ancient riches, the wisdom of our nature. An inexhaustible source whose story has only just begun. Or better said, the story that can be heard since the creation of the first light and with it the shadow, life, a story that is always there but of which only the thread needs to be rediscovered. And picked up once again.

By coming together, we spread this message, the story is told again and can be remembered on a collective level.

I know I'm not alone,

that there are many who listen and see.

Just last week, many gathered to say goodbye to a 132-year-old Red Beech at the Nieuwe Ooster cemetery in Amsterdam.

What more than this testifies to a human connection with nature, our nature.

'Our Nature' - not from possession, but from being.

This work that I do, what we do, can only exist and continue with your help.

The word TamTam comes to mind.

'TamTam' - Originally a drum or percussion instrument used as a means of communication to spread messages over a large distance.

With each beat of the drum, the waves of the message vibrate out.

In order to find more ears, reach hearts, let life energy flow and connect, feel and listen more deeply.

I want to hear the sound of 297 people each hitting their own TamTam!

The time for connection is now.

The memory is there for the taking, the wisdom and the medicine hidden as a 'weed' in your backyard and along the highway on the route to work.

'Herb' - A better word for weed.

Because a lot has been lost in weeding herbs.

This life is not for having to do it all alone, on our own islands, in competition with each other. It is about joining forces and taking care of the other.

Like the trees do. Did you know that when a tree dies in a forest, the other trees know exactly who has died, which family member. Whose father or mother? And so sugars will always continue to be sent to the stump via the roots.

To support what is left, to keep it alive. To honor.

Watch or Read; The Hidden Life of Trees

Can we, like the trees, look beyond our own story, broaden our perspective and take action for the collective?


If you appreciate and recommend the work we do,

we would love to hear your voice.

Now if you are wondering;

But what can I do?

Very simple.

Spread the word, share your experience, introduce us to others. Help with visibility. Know of a podcast that would like to speak to us? A writer who wants to know more?

The simplest and direct way for now is to take a look at our new website: Maybe put this in your bookmarks?

Leave a review via Google;

And who knows, you might feel called to take a look and help weave the never-ending story.

At one of our upcoming ceremonies at Sekoya.

Help us spread the story further.

So that more people can remember what they are part of. The magic and mystery, the beauty.


For all those who are here with us now, who have gone before us and who will come after us.


With warm regards,

your Psilocybin Guide & Death Doula


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