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Transformative magic mushroom ceremonies, microdosing protocols and nature coaching. Learn from the profound wisdom of psilocybin

Welcome to a growing movement of remembering our nature's ways 
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Coming on a journey with us is an invitation to go within.


We want to invite you to let go of that which no longer serves you.

Transformative Magic Mushroom Journeys

buzzard wing

*Dutch Buzzard Wing

Would you like to know more?

*an immersive program

Let yourself be guided by the voices of nature and re-connect with your own ancestral wisdom. 

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Meet your guides

We founded the work we now share on 20 years of experience.

Nanacatl Healing has facilitated over 500 ceremonies helping people from all ages and backgrounds.

Our team of experienced and compassionate facilitators is here to support you every step of the way.

Floor Nina Froukje
Elena Nina and Froukje

"..Nanacatl Healing was my first experience with magic mushrooms. I had waited about ten years to try psilocybin and I wanted my first encounter to feel safe, guided by an expert and this certaily didn't disappoint. Nina has a wonderful way of putting everyone at ease and allowing the journey to flow."

Allanah Wesley 18th August '20

" own experience was indescribably beautiful. I received answers to all my life questions. As what do I have to do to learn in this life and what is my assignment? Through the whole experience I felt infinitely grateful for having a human life, for our food, nature, our earth and for everyone around me."

Maria 16th June '21

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What clients say about us

*a snippet

"..the enormous passion and dedication with which Nina and her team guide the ceremony are unique. From start to finish everything felt very professional, honest, sincere and authentic. She provided a safe and pleasant environment. There was brilliant live music, attention and love."

Oscar 31st October '22

"..Nina is a kind and caring soul who is highly skilled at helping people heal from trauma using her expertise in psilocybin. I was particularly impressed with how she was able to treat a large group all at once while ensuring everyone had the safety and care they needed. As a professional in the mental health field, I was fascinated to learn how fast psilocybin can address trauma. It can really get to the root of difficulties where traditional  psycho therapy can take much longer"

Anonymous 6th August '23

Everyone is unique and therefor also their experience. We'd like to invite you to let go of expectations and know that everything is welcome.

*a small side note from us

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Where we gather

Safely tucked away,
hidden at the edge of the dunes and the forest lies the beautiful private land of Sekoya. 

A holistic wellness center in Schoorl,
the Netherlands.

Here we come together to celebrate in ceremony. 

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Simply said..

Psilocybin works as an enhancer.

It can amplify your sensory experience and heighten your emotions,

which can be beneficial when you're open to reroute your habitual ways.

Like letting go of certain thought processes, addictions and sometimes even trauma's.

With it we can make associations we normally wouldn't make, becoming more creative. 

We can discover completely new ways of thinking about the world and ourselves, expanding our consciousness.

What to expect?

Why we only work with live music

Music plays a crucial role in guiding your journey. 

Particularly concerning the belief that everything is made up of energy and vibrations.

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The sound of the instruments act as a

conduit for channeling and modulating energy within the ceremony.

Our musicians are able to attune their music to the collective energy of the participants and the environment. As they play, their vibrations intertwine with those of the attendees, creating a harmonious resonance that permeates the space.

Returning the Gift

We would like to give back to Mother Nature what we received from her.

By working with psilocybin, people can experience and remember the inseparable connection with (their) nature.


That way we can give back.

By being of service to collective remembering.
Because all we have to do when we don't know anymore, is become silent and listen.

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Ancestral Wisdom

Do you know the name of the tree that grows in your street, have you greeted the Artemisa which flourishes with abundance besides the road you drive to work on everyday?

*European Resin

Are you aware of all the medicines beneath your feet that are native to the soil of your land?

Can you feel the kinship with all that grows and moves around you?

Can you hear the land calling, crying out to be heard and seen once again?

Do you too, feel the urgency of remembering your ancestral roots?

You don't need to travel far, or reach out to different cultures to find your medicine, your ally.

At Nanacatl Healing we are all about working with and supporting native, local and seasonal eco diversity. Remembering our reciprocal relationship with the natural world.

*We strive to share knowledge received through our gatherings, the songs we share and the bi-monthly newsletter. 

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